Vannes is a brand where you can find many wholesale women’s pants models. Trousers are quite the main and important pieces for women’s combinations. Our brand offers service to its customers with more than twenty color options. We have a choice of leather and fabric trousers. Our size scale varies depending on the model, between 36-42 or 36-46 size options. We have belted or unbelted trousers models. Different leg models are also included in the original product scale of our brand. Our trousers have many forms such as wide-leg belts, detailed on the legs, thin belt and wrist part rubber trousers. We have a high waist, low waist and normal waist options in our trousers. We offer our customers single color, plaid and patterned trousers upon request.

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It is possible to buy our trousers as a set-in wholesale. Thanks to the easy filtering method, you can quickly access the colors and models you want. You can also buy our wholesale trousers in models with or without pockets. We care about 100% original product guaranteed products in terms of customer satisfaction. You can easily take advantage of our free shipping facilities. Also, you can shop online and securely on our website. We also have an easy return and exchange option. Our brand offers all models, colors, and patterns in wholesale trousers, allowing you to shop quickly and securely. With our comfortable and stylish designs, our brand prioritizes customer satisfaction. Our fashion and budget-friendly brand offer comfortable shopping opportunities to its customers. Click for wholesale pants