Balloons Theme Decoration for Birthday Party in the UK

Balloons are great party decorations! They not only spice up birthday celebrations, but they also put the community together in balloon popping events. Celebration trends and displays seem to play an important role in every birthday celebration. Most of them are balloon decoration, which never goes out of style. Here are a few balloon themes you can try with UK birthday balloons.

Balloon Garland

It is the most popular way to personalise with balloons at a household for a birthday party. What you have to do is loop a string through the filled balloons from one end to another. The balloon garland would provide the appearance of a garland. It is used to tie around space from end to end. The hue may be either a singular or a two-toned colour. And myriad coloured balloons can leave an impression.


Fill the balloons with air and inflate them. The tones should be coordinated appropriately to form the balloon garland. Lock them together with string and mount them on the walls or somewhere else you see fit in the room.

Balloon Arch

The filled balloons are dotted together to form the outline of a bridge. The balloon arch will be used to adorn the gateway to the event site. An illumination cast on this arc may have a dramatic impact. The colour may be selected by the style.


You will pump up the balloons with a blowing balloon air compressor. You must contact a balloon stylist for easiness. After that, connect them closely with each other in the form of a bridge. This style of balloon arch appears better when it is used to beautify the event venue’s entry.

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Glowsticks Balloons

If the illumination is faint or gloomy, this decor concept is ideal. The glowing sticks should be placed within the balloons until they are filled with petrol. These balloons rise and become bound to the house’s roof. This produces a distorted light effect in the hall. These balloons could be hung upside down from the ceiling with a long rope. It creates the appearance of a moonlight canopy.


Install a glow stick into a balloon and pump up it with helium (you should recruit a balloon stylist to do this). Tie them with strings of decorative tassels and hang them from the roof.

There are other creative ways to deal with balloons to make stunning and exciting birthday party themes. You must purchase UK birthday balloons from the Mint and Pink.